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Nathalie Acra's strong sense of design can be traced back to her family's cultural diversity, as well as her penchant for travel, art, textiles, furniture design and architecture. She aims to fashion an environment where client needs are not just met, but nurtured.

She believes that a home is a personal narrative for one's personality and soul. Nathalie brings together pieces that not only furnish the home but define it, so as to transform a space that elicits memories and engages the senses.  
Acra Designs brings a professionalism that is expansive in its reach, multi-ethnic in its influence, and elegant in its approach. The firm's trusted relationships with contractors and sub-contractors leads to a hassle free experience. Each new client is an opportunity to create a new story anchored in textures, colors, lights, spaces and forms. The firm has collaborated domestically and internationally on high-end design practices to achieve current and timeless interiors



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